A consistent, reliable service backed by 30 years' experience.



The extensive range of drainage services we offer includes Sewer and Drain unblocking, clearing and cleaning, CCTV Surveys & Sonar Tracing, Localised patch repairs, Foul and Surface Water Pumping Stations Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing. Excavations, Drain Lining and High Level Gutter Cleaning. 


Our efficient fleet of 30 van pack customised vehicles are fully equipped with small and large cable machines for internal blockages and High Pressure Water Jetting machines with up to 3000 PSI for external blockages. Backed up currently by two vacuum tankers and two tanker jetters designed for cleaning and removing blockages from larger diameter drains.

Regular cleaning of a drainage system can help prevent untimely blockages and promote a healthy and safe environment. We provide a variety of high pressure water jetting services and equipment capable of tackling domestic and commercial blockages or providing a regular service agreement. 


Our tanker jetting machines can be used to remove blockages caused by a build-up of waste material, heavy grease or fat, hardened deposits or stubborn objects lodged in pipe work from 100mm diameter upwards.

We achieve this by delivering large quantities of water under high pressure, through special jetting nozzles which cuts through blockages while at the same time flushing out debris along the pipe.

We are registered and licensed to carry all types of contaminated waste for disposal at registered sites. We have two 7.5 tonne vacuum tankers ideal for accessing confined areas. We are able to empty grease traps, septic tanks, pump and manhole chambers, catch pits and interceptors. We work quickly and efficiently while our waste carriers licence ensures legal disposal is fully documented under our Duty of Care certificates. 


A large number of our vehicles carry CCTV survey equipment which enable us to survey any size drain from 50m up to 600m.

CCTV surveys allow us to detect and pin point problem areas within the drain including root infiltration, breaks & cracks, open & displaced joints and blistering. Once the CCTV survey is completed a full survey and report with photographic evidence is produced including any recommendations for all remedial works and costings. 


Steve Caunce Limited have a number of excavation teams who are trained to the highest standards and are fully equipped to carry out small jobs, for example, changing broken ACO channels and large jobs, for example, large excavations in the public highway to repair broken drains.

The excavation teams are RSWA trained to provide a comprehensive and professional service. 


Our ‘No Dig’ technology is designed to cause minimum disruption when repairing displaced, cracked, or even collapsed drains and avoids the need for excavating. Where this solution is possible we operate using flexi-liners and air inversion techniques to effectively put a pipe within a pipe. This could be lining the entire drain or carrying out simple localised repairs to a single joint or one metre section. We can line from 100m to 225m drainage. 

The resin impregnated lining essentially expands and moulds itself to form a sealed coating along the course of the damaged pipeline. The result is a pipe repaired without the need to excavate, even passing around 90 degree bends with a minimum amount of creasing.


Our ‘in house’ pump technicians and repair team will carry out full servicing and maintenance of all foul and surface water pumping stations. Regular pump maintenance services at your choice of intervals can check for impending faults before ultimate costly breakdowns occur. Full service programmes specific to individual systems can be scheduled. Our usual emergency 24 hour call out will cover any breakdown should your pump need to be removed or repaired we will fit a temporary pump to keep stations working.


As part of our ongoing environmental policy we offer a full and comprehensive grease management service which includes installation of grease traps both above and below ground fitted to the highest standard.

A full maintenance service to include cleaning and removal for official disposal of all types of grease traps and a full consultancy on the grease management systems specifically for your requirements can be provided. 


Steve Caunce Limited offer a full service of car park petrol interceptors including an initial clean to completely empty, inspect and recharge of the interceptor including disposal of waste at an official waste transfer station and a copy of Duty of Care in line with the Environment Agency recommendations.

Once the initial clean has been carried out a full maintenance program to suit your needs will be organised to help prevent any future pollution incidents at your sites. 


We offer the service to remove discarded ‘sharps’ (hypodermic needles) from public places or buildings which represent a very clear health hazard. Our staff work to our strict bespoke code of practice to ensure the safe retrieval of discarded sharps and their collection into ‘sharps boxes’ which are then immediately disposed of at a designated site. This is done under our Waste Carriers Licence ensuring such waste is legally disposed of at registered sites and fully documented under our Duty of Care. 


Our services include the capability to remove graffiti from walls, floors and windows. Our aim is to try and remove graffiti without use of chemicals, however on occasion this is unavoidable. When we do have to use chemicals they are monitored under COSHH data sheets plus our risk assessments and method statements.

All our personnel use full protective equipment and take all necessary precautions to minimise any risk to themselves, the public and the environment. 


Steve Caunce Limited will set up regular service agreements to clean and maintain your drainage systems whether internal in your office block or externally on a retail park or car park.

We will clean at regular intervals to maintain the drainage infrastructure to prevent blockages from occurring causing disruption and capital losses from unforeseen blockages. Keeping the system running freely and the customer happy.


With over 30 years’ experience in the drainage industry affording us the knowledge and expertise to offer advice and consultancy along with guidance on existing and new drainage laws. We will attend site free of charge to discuss any issues you may have and offer solutions.